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Eco Column Lab Conclusion Essay

Conclusions - Eco-Column Project Write-Up by Jinwoo Hong.

The eco-column is set up with an aquatic habitat, decomposition habitat, and a terrestrial habitat. The diverse compartments enable the eco-column to be complete with the necessities of a true ecosystem. As the eco-column transforms over time, it permits a person to analyze a condensed simulation of the process that an actual ecosystem undergoes.

Eco Column Lab Conclusion Essay

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Eco Column Lab Write Up Essay - 1185 Words Density Lab Write Up Essay.Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to identify whether density is an extensive or intensive physical property. By using water displacement, the volumes of the paper clip samples were measured and the masses were obtained by using an electronic balance.

Eco Column Lab Conclusion Essay

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Conclusion Conclusion By doing this experiment, we were able to completely comprehend the dynamics of an aquatic ecosystem. We saw firsthand how all contributing factors influence each other. We were able to see these factors influenced naturally and artificially. Ecosystems are influenced by both biotic and abiotic factors and they all have to work together to make the eco-column sustainable.


The purpose of the lab was to create an independent, self-functioning ecosystem from. Deklaratorisch beispiel essay ecocolumn lab conclusion essay write 5. Environmental Science P. 5. Work in small groups to design their own pollution experiment on ecocolumns.

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Conclusion - EcoColumn Project The experiment definitely did not support the hypotheses. It was initially predicted that the experimental setup would be a sustainable model of a real ecosystem. The only regard in which that was true was that it modeled real ecosystem, that is, a destroyed one.

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Our Eco column is an example of an open and a closed system. The column had both aspects of each system. It was an open system because there were straws that led to each chamber so air, water and organisms in the columns could travel to different parts of the eco column.

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The Ecocolumn Lab is a useful tool for learning because it helps or shows us how us human effect the planet we live on and its factors. The things that are like, like an ecosystem outside is bacteria, grass, organisms, and other a biotic factors.


Conclusion Overall, what happened to the biotic factors inside the 3 chambers of your eco-column? Well in our terrestrial layer out basil plant actually kind of went crazy and just kept growing and.

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What makes our eco column different from others is that we had mold growing in the decomposition layer rather early on in the experiment. We also had very successful bean plants. This growth is what could have resulted in the prolonged life of Comet because he was getting a steady and plentiful supply of Oxygen from the photosynthesizing plants.

Eco Column Lab Conclusion Essay

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This experiment has demonstrated the isolation of the photosynthetic pigments, following the method of chromatography on paper. First of all, the leaf extract was prepared by grinding some leaves in acetone and some of the upper part of the leaf extract was added to the chromatography paper. Then, the paper was left in the equilibrated chromatography jar for some time until the pigments were.

Eco Column Lab Conclusion Essay

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Eco Column Lab Conclusion Essay

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Eco Column Lab Conclusion Essay

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Another reason why this experiment was performed was to find out whether the initial mass of copper will equal the amount of copper recovered, while learning how to perform the different types of techniques common within a laboratory. (Department of Chemistry, 2013) This was achieved through the quantitative measurement of mass of the initial copper, which was 1.4470g, and the final mass of.

Eco Column Lab Conclusion Essay

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Eco Column Lab Conclusion Essay

Analysis - Eco-Column Project Write-Up by Jinwoo Hong and.

ECO-COLUMN LAB Purpose: 1. to create a simulated ecosystem in an effort to learn about ecosystems in the real world. 2. to devise a controlled experiment that will evaluate the effects of one variable on an ecosystem. Part I: Set-up you eco-column a. Identify and write the name of the ecosystem you are creating. b. Decide on the components to your ecosystem that you will need: remember to.

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