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Postgraduate Essay Structure

Differences between essays at undergrad and postgrad level.

What logical structure should you apply to your essay? The process word in your essay question should show you this. If the process is to describe: your paper is likely to be linear. If your process is to compare: use a two-sided structure. Process words and their definitions (PDF opens in new window) Conclusion The conclusion always: Summarises main points in the essay; Draws together ideas.

Postgraduate Essay Structure

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In short, a master's level essay will generally require a deeper level of independent thought, which can be shown by adopting the following tried and tested tips. Mastery As the name of the degree suggests, you should ideally demonstrate a mastery of your subject by confidently contextualising your arguments and making reference to trends, themes, theoretical paradigms and traditions within.

Postgraduate Essay Structure

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The most basic skill that is needed in academic life is that of writing a good essay and a fundamental part of that is essay structure. Yet, despite the importance of writing an essay that is clear, well-argued and strongly structured, very little time is spent on assisting students to structure an essay. This brief guide to how to structure an essay aims to help with that so read on and find.


Essay structure is guided by its content and argument so every essay will pose unique structural challenges. Having a clearer understanding of the most effective ways to structure your writing can help you to plan and organise the content of your essays and make sure you get your ideas across. Organising your ideas and thoughts into a plan in advance can help you to develop a coherent argument.

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Long past are the days when postgraduate essay writing used to be a hard nut to crack for a majority of the university and college students. All kudos to, postgraduate essay writing has, now, become simple, exception and quite affordable altogether, thus offering a win-win situation for the students studying in British educational institutions.

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Essay structure. All essays share the same basic structure, although they may differ in content and style. The essence of an essay is an opinion, expressed as a thesis statement or proposition, and a logical sequence of arguments and information organised in support of the proposition.

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They follow a particular structure: you will set out your argument in the introduction, build and present your argument in the main body, and should end with your overall key message or argument in the conclusion. Essays take time to complete. You will need to set aside time for the following stages of writing: Thinking about the question. Gathering information and ideas. Organising your ideas.


How should I structure my personal statement? Your personal statement should follow a logical, methodical structure, where each paragraph follows on from the one before. Make sure paragraphs are short, succinct, clear and to the point. Capture the reader's attention with an enthusiastic introduction covering why you want to study a particular Masters. Then, engage the reader in your middle.

Postgraduate students need to be prepared, having an understanding of the course and a series of skills to help them cope with their postgraduate education. Liu then distinguished home and international students in regards to preparedness after carrying out a further analysis. The results showed that international students were less prepared than home students. There are various reasons as to.


The structure of the essay’s body determines the shape of the entire work. The essay structure could highlight the writer weaknesses or strengths and should be decided with the utmost of care. Use of appropriate transitioning signals is crucial. These are words, phrases, and expressions that show the reader the relationship between subjects. Such words should be undoubtedly clear whether.

Postgraduate Essay Structure

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The structure of your essay comes from your plan and helps you elaborate your argument. An essay has three main parts: an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. Take time on planning and structuring your essay and you will find writing it straightforward. This video suggests how you can structure your introduction. Introduction. Your introduction gives your tutor their first impression of.

Postgraduate Essay Structure

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Essay writing can be a challenge, especially when you're out of practice. Even. Useful Links How to decide on a topic for your postgrad thesis How to edit your own postgraduate writing Planning your postgrad revision How to productively procrastinate as a postgrad Basic essay writing skills for postgrads. 3 comments. Maimoona Asghar March 21, 2017, 12:28 p.m. Very helpful and structured.

Postgraduate Essay Structure

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Each optional unit is assessed by an essay of 5,000-6,000 words. Visit our programme catalogue for full details of the structure and unit content for our Postgraduate Diploma in Philosophy. Entry requirements.

Postgraduate Essay Structure

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Postgraduate Personal Statement Structure Image credit: For postgraduate personal statement structure, it must need to have a clear introduction, body and conclusion. Introduction: The aim of introduction is to get the attention of the reader and to keep him interested until he finishes reading your personal statement.

Postgraduate Essay Structure

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The structure of reflective writing; Reflecting on learning; Description vs. analysis; How to deepen the analysis; Annotated bibliography; Stand-alone literature review; Oral presentation; Poster presentation; Engineering. Writing an Engineering lab report; Sample Engineering lab report; Writing an Engineering technical report. The role of 'the literature' Title page; Summary; Table of.

Postgraduate Essay Structure

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Taking the time to properly plan an essay can lead to higher grades, with lecturers welcoming a logical structure that clearly demonstrates your understanding of the subject. However, knowing where to begin and how to go about completing the assignment is not always easy - especially if you've not had to write at undergraduate level before and are still adjusting to university life.

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